Packin’ It In? Come On, Guys!

Boy, do the Packers look bad. No more replacement refs to blame…it’s all on us now.
We have to face the best freaking team in the league this week (Texans) and we can’t beat a rookie QB on a team that won 2 games last year. Pathetic. Last year, our offense was 3rd best in the league, this year, so far, we’re 19th. Up to this point, Clay Matthews is the only one delivering (with 8 sacks, the league lead)… everything else about our team is extremely is sub-par. This Sunday should be very interesting – night game, under the lights, verses one of the best defenses in the league. I would never celebrate anybody’s injury, but I must say, Cushing being out with a torn ACL should help us move the ball easier. This is also the Texans’ second primetime game in a row, so hopefully the pressure gets to them.

Aaron Rodgers Per Wickstrom

Anywho, I feel like there’s so much going in the world right now. Between the presedential/VP debates, which I’ll be discussing on here soon, the MLB playoffs, and football. It’s like entertainment and political overload. With all of the traveling coming up, between my recent cross-country excursion, and my upcoming trip to Paris, I gotta find a way to stay up-to-date with everything. The world keeps on turning!

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