How to Choose the Best Drug Abuse Treatment Program

When it comes to drug abuse and addiction, I believe the only answer for real recovery is attending a rehab treatment program. There are several things that you should consider and ask yourself before choosing a drug abuse treatment program:

1. Where do you want to attend treatment?

Many people think that drug and alcohol abuse treatment needs to take place in the city or area that is your home. This is not necessarily true, and actually, many people prefer going outside of town for treatment because it offers them more privacy.

2. Do you prefer outpatient or inpatient treatment?

There are two main types of addiction treatment. First, inpatient treatment has the patients staying full-time on the facility’s campus. Outpatient treatment has patients attend a rehab facility 1 to 3 times per day for most of the days of the week. Outpatient treatment may be beneficial for some individuals, but keep in mind that inpatient treatment has the best success rates of any type of treatment.

3. How long do you want to attend treatment?

You should also consider how long you want to be in treatment. This decision may not be all up to you. For example, your counselor, therapist or a judge may end up deciding your treatment term. Generally speaking, there are two term lengths of treatment to choose from. First, There is short-term treatment, which lasts between two and eight weeks. Next, there is long-term treatment, which lasts between two and six months.

4. Do you prefer a religious or spiritual element to your treatment?

For many individuals, addiction treatment is just as much a spiritual journey as it is in physical and mental journey. If you belong to a particular religious group or spiritual group, you may prefer to have this element involved in your therapy. There are therapy programs for almost all types of spirituality.

5. Would you like a holistic approach to your treatment?

You can also choose to recover from drug abuse and addiction in a holistic manner. This means that instead of simply using cognitive behavioral therapy in group and individual sessions to treat your addiction, you will also aim to treat your body and spirit. By focusing on all of the mind, body and spirit, you are recovering as a whole individual. This approach to addiction treatment may include classes in yoga, Pilates, meditation, nutrition, music therapy or animal therapy. You may be able to get a nutritional counseling for personalized physical fitness training as well.

6. How will you pay for your treatment?

Finally, you must consider how you are going to pay for your treatment. In many cases, insurance companies will cover the cost of addiction treatment, but this is not true for everyone’s plan, so you will need to speak with your insurance provider to be sure. If insurance will not cover your treatment, you may consider using your savings or getting a personal or bank loan.

Throughout my years in the addiction treatment industry, I have seen some of the most amazing recovery stories unfold right before my eyes.  These dedicated and determined individuals are proof that if you want something badly enough, you can achieve your goals.

5 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Drug Abuse Treatment Program

  1. Seems like sound advice for those seeking treatment for an addiction problem. It can be difficult to win out, but it;s entirely possible.

  2. This article gives us a basic idea as to how we can counter drug addiction and the treatment that can be vetted while considering different options about the same. Well explained and written.

  3. You give really good unbiased wisdom for people are searching out rehabilitation and freedom from addiction. These are good practical tips. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I read your program. I know you say that inpatient is the way to go but most people work while trying to balance the addiction. I feel the treatment you are talking about could help the addict as long he/she can say they are powerless over their addiction.

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