5 Ways Addicts Can Improve Their Confidence in the Workplace

When one has been faced with drug and alcohol addiction, it can and does often take quite the toll on one’s confidence too. Suffering from a drug habit effectively suppresses individuals and makes them feel as though they are worth less than the average person. Struggling with a drug habit brings on the sensation of a lack of self-worth, low integrity, low self-esteem, and large amounts of self-doubt and self-questioning.

When people abuse drugs, they do a lot more long-term harm and damage than most people think, harm that sometimes takes a lifetime to get over from. Substance abuse as a habit is a grim and vicious cycle, one of which always ends in death and unhappiness unless the person is able to get help at a qualified, inpatient addiction treatment center.

But even then the battle still is not yet over. Even after treatment is complete, people still have to deal with all manners of upset and confusion and difficulty in their efforts to resume a normal life. Even then, their former lives as addicts haunt them into the future. Perhaps the longest lasting effect of a time period of substance abuse, even if that time period is long since past, is a lack of confidence in those who would once suffer from drug and alcohol addiction problems.

How to Improve Workplace Confidence

The place where I see a lack of confidence in recovering addicts manifest the most is in the workplace. When recovering addicts try to learn how to improve workplace confidence and enter into employment after beating an addiction, they experience a sometimes overwhelming fear of losing their confidence. They often feel as though they are not going to be able to match up to the demands of the new workplace, and that they are going to let their bosses down. They often feel as though their past experiences with addiction are going to hinder them greatly.

Ways to gain confidence in the workplace go hand in hand with steps taken for gaining confidence after addiction. Here are my quick tips on how to do this:

  1. Learn to accept your past. You were once an addict, and there is nothing you can do to change that fact. However, the very fact that you are sober today just goes to show that you can be the master of your own fate and you can put your past behind you.
  1. Prepare yourself and pay attention to the details. A prepared, mindful person is a confident person.
  1. If you really start to look at how you are performing in the workplace, you will start to see that you have actually been performing quite well and that your own fears and lacks of confidence have come from an idea that expectations are set ridiculously high for you. When you consider all of these factors, it becomes likely to extrapolate that you are doing just fine.
  1. Be realistic with your visions for the future. I never say settle for second best, but I also do not set unrealistic goals and I do not ask others to do so.
  1. I correctly estimate the amount of work it will take to accomplish any goal, and then I just do that. So rather than worrying about the goals and the future ideas you have and your own fears that you might not be able to meet that, instead focus on putting all of the work in necessary to meet those goals. An immensely busy, hardworking person simply does not have the time of day to feel a lack of confidence.

These are not by any means the only tips for beating confidence difficulties for workers in recovery. But these are a start!

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