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Per Wickstrom is the President and Founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center focused on helping individuals through holistic and natural methods.

Understanding Addicts – The Importance Of Self Motivation

Per Wickstrom ChangeSelf-motivation is an important thing. Regardless of the circumstance and situation, it takes personal willpower and enforcement to realize when outside help is needed. In my experiences, self-motivation, in general, is heavily affected by a person’s surroundings. When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, if an action is performed with ease, or easily accessible, it is infinitely more difficult to self-enforce a policy of avoidance. In a lot of situations, parents and loved ones are a contributing factor to an addicts lack of motivation to realize, yet alone fix, their problem. Unconditional love is a great, but dangerous, thing in the world of addiction. There’s a very fine line between cutting your loved one off, and implementing a policy of tough love. It’s hard for people who are so close to the addict to do what’s right for them. It’s hard to turn off their cell-phone, take away their car, and force them to realize how close they are to falling over the edge. Parents need to understand that providing their child with the means to remain an addict isn’t “unconditional love”, it’s “enabling”. It takes a strong and stern level of love to realize how to best handle this type of situation.

For me, as someone who was previously addicted to substances, it took ME saying to MYSELF, “I need help. I need to make a change.”. I had loved ones around me re-enforcing those ideas, but ultimately, it came down to me facing my issues and making the decision to seek help for myself. Unfortunately, some addicts are never put in a position to reach these realizations because their parents and loved ones enable them to get high. Being an addict is a 24 hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week, job, and a lot of addicts aren’t given the chance to stop. It’s often made easier for them NOT to stop. Ridding oneself of an addiction is a life changing event. There’s a fear of quitting. A fear of change. It’s a way out of the pain of failing, or not being a loving son, or messing something up. Drugs are the escape, and when an addict quits the “escape”, they have to face the things that the drugs have been shielding them from.

Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, listen to me right now. It only cost a little bit of time and a little bit of money to do a professional intervention on your loved one. I, myself, have been involved in many interventions, and roughly 60% of the time, they involve helping the addict realize they have a problem. They’re about empowering the addict with the ability to face and acknowledge their issue. “No more excuses”.

Steven Machat Responds To Daughter’s Ripoff Report

Hey guys, here is Steven Machat addressing his daughter’s recent RipoffReport claims. I generally try to refrain from addressing reports like these directly, as my staff and myself are very confident in the job we do, but Steven felt compelled the address this report himself. This should go without saying, but my staff and I have always, and will always, put our patients safety and well-being before anything else. Feel free to leave feedback here, after watching the video! Thanks.

Fashion Week Pictures

Hey all… So, as most of you know, we partnered with CYGALLE HEALING SPA and CHARLOTTE RONSON for New York’s Fashion Week. We just got some of the pictures back from esteemed photographer Patrick McMullan. You can see the album on my Facebook page.

Overall, the events were great and my team and I had an amazing time meeting all of the fashion people, publications and celebrities! The folks at Empire Hotel were very accommodating and were a great host to the events.


Fashion Week Madness!

Fashion week was a blast! What a whirlwind!
Twelve-hour days of interviews, shopping and fashion shows… pretty crazy. We, Best Drug Rehabilitation, had the honor of partnering with Cygalle Healing Spa and Charlotte Ronson to help people better understand the importance of holistic healing.

For a full recap of the events, click here!

Packin’ It In? Come On, Guys!

Boy, do the Packers look bad. No more replacement refs to blame…it’s all on us now.
We have to face the best freaking team in the league this week (Texans) and we can’t beat a rookie QB on a team that won 2 games last year. Pathetic. Last year, our offense was 3rd best in the league, this year, so far, we’re 19th. Up to this point, Clay Matthews is the only one delivering (with 8 sacks, the league lead)… everything else about our team is extremely is sub-par. This Sunday should be very interesting – night game, under the lights, verses one of the best defenses in the league. I would never celebrate anybody’s injury, but I must say, Cushing being out with a torn ACL should help us move the ball easier. This is also the Texans’ second primetime game in a row, so hopefully the pressure gets to them.

Aaron Rodgers Per Wickstrom

Anywho, I feel like there’s so much going in the world right now. Between the presedential/VP debates, which I’ll be discussing on here soon, the MLB playoffs, and football. It’s like entertainment and political overload. With all of the traveling coming up, between my recent cross-country excursion, and my upcoming trip to Paris, I gotta find a way to stay up-to-date with everything. The world keeps on turning!

Car Show

There was a big car show that came this weekend and man was it a trip!  Sometimes, we take my Buick 1967 Gran Sport. I built a 455, auto Trans 4:11 Posi It is a great little car to cruise Woodward Ave where I grew up. It will run in the 12 second range not killer fast but I can burn unleaded Premium in it.

New Home & Hard Labor

I’ve bought a new log splitter. There’s at least 20 acres of trees at my new property that need to be cut down and split up for the new house. We have been sweating and working as the team my wife and I are. Then, there is the beach we’re making is coming along nicely. Most of the stumps and nasty crap the guys pulled out of the lake is gone now. So far it’s just a gaping hole in the ground but hopefully soon we’ll get the guys fired up to start pouring a basement and get some walls up. I can’t wait to look out my window and see my own little piece of heaven tucked away on my own acres of trees and my own little lake. It’s going to be so nice, the last house we build!