How to Find Balance Between Managing, Leading, & Doing as an Entrepreneur

The work life balance of the 21st-century entrepreneur, leader, business owner, CEO, corporate executive, manager, or foreman can sometimes be quite difficult.  When you are in charge of running an area, a department, or an entire business, creating the balance between management, leadership, your personal life, and all the other aspects of your life can be quite difficult.  With all of the competition and the rush-rush of the 21st century, balance has taken a pretty tough hit.  In today’s day and age, especially with the internet and how easy it is to get in front of customers, it is the fastest acting business with the best product that can be sold the quickest that tends to be successful.  But what does this mean for executives?  The balance of their life suffers greatly now, generally speaking.

What this all means is that times are changing and competition for voice and dominance in the marketplace has never been as strong as it is now.  What this has created is a lifestyle for executives and leaders where they work far harder than they ever worked before.  It has put more responsibility on their shoulders and has caused them to suffer in other areas of their life.  How does one approach handling this, so that one can have everything that one wants and one does not have to sacrifice anything?

Tips for Creating Balance in the Life of Today’s Executive

There are a few ways that busy people can organize their lives better so that it does not seem quite so consuming and overwhelming. Some of these are:

  • Take time out of the equation.  What this means is do not focus so much on how many hours you work in a day, rather focus on how much you can get done in those hours.  Work fast, not hard.  Work smart, not hard.  When you are at work, you need to be completely and entirely focused on work.  Don’t be going on Facebook, your phone, or other forms of social media.  Totally dedicate yourself to your work, when you are at work, and you will benefit from that.
  • When you are at home, with your family, with your friends, at the gym, or engaging in a hobby, totally commit yourself to that experience, in that moment.  A lot of executives and leaders complain that they do not get enough time to themselves with their family, because they never really stopped working, and then time with their family or hobbies does not really seem like time well spent.  If you were to only really dedicate yourself to those time slots you have with your family and hobbies, then you would really feel like you were getting something out of it.  When you are not at work, do not work.
  • Spend what free time you do have doing more constructive and positive things.  Rather than watching two hours of TV a day, hit the gym for an hour a day, and work an extra hour.  Fill your schedule with positive, healthy, active activities that will refuel your mind and re-energize you, and which will make you more capable of delivering at 110% when you are at work.
  • Always engage in self-improvement.  Always be investing in yourself.  Take a course, read a book that specializes in your field, study the competition, improve your skills for your position.  One of the best ways to be able to balance your life better is to simply become better at what you do, so what you do doesn’t seem so hard.  Invest in yourself, and your life will be easier as a result.

These are just a few tips to get you started. There are a lot of other ways to get an advantage in the marketplace. Follow these, and you will be able to balance things better as a leader, executive, business owner, or entrepreneur.