Tips for Using Rehab Lessons to Overcome Workplace Obstacles

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, no matter how far into the past it is, can still leave a very grim and in fact devastating effect on those who are affected by it.  Addiction is a serious issue and a huge crisis, to say the least, one of which that needs to be addressed and addressed soon too before the issue just gets worse and worse.  Once it does get addressed, and once one does go to rehab, it still needs to be addressed even after that!

However, what a lot of people do not realize is that they can actually to a degree draw strength and resilience from their recoveries, and in a lot of ways they can be better off for having achieved recovery.  A lot of people are actually able to produce better and do better in life because they used to struggle with addiction and now they do not.  They are able to find success and to find a degree of solace and peace of mind, often because they did struggle with addiction and are now forced to move on.

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, is a hardship and a crisis, to say the least, and it has been an ongoing one for some time now.  Now more than ever it is important that those who are addicted get clean and find some degree of sobriety and recovery before it is too late.  Next up, such individuals need to do whatever they need to do to maintain that sobriety, often through getting a job.

How to Use Lessons Learned in Rehab to be Successful at Work

One tends to learn a lot at rehab.  Some of the lessons can be applied to one’s workplace too.  For example:

  • Use the intensive ability to commit to something that you learned in rehab to be successful in your business life.  If there is one thing that recovering addicts are very good at doing is committing.  They are able to say no to drugs and alcohol after they get out of rehab, so they should be able to say yes to career opportunities.
  • Use your respect for the unknown to be able to easily and simply be able to keep your eye out, and keep your ear low to the ground.  Succeeding in the business world has its risks, just like trying to beat addiction.  It all has its own basic risks.
  • Use your ability to network and seek help from others when times get tough in the job force.  You probably have a support network for helping you to maintain your recovery right?  Use this and use it well to get what you want out of work too.
  • Use your ability to help others that you learned in rehab to also give you the ability to help those who need it most in your workplace.  You will do better with it and you will feel better in the long run too.
  • Use your new work ethic and your new ability to work immensely hard that you probably got from going to rehab to essentially double and then triple your productivity at work, and allow you to achieve your dreams in the workplace.

All in all, living through work and recovery both is not always easy.  But the truth of matter is that a job can and often does make the other areas of life a whole heck of a lot easier.  Also, having a job really does promote recovery and sobriety so one is able to stay clean and sober and have a job too.